So I have had a pretty bad summer. Lots of things have happened that were outside my control and caused a great deal of unwanted stress.

The only thing I had to look forward to was starting school in the Fall. I have tried and fought for almost 3 years with the financial aid department so that I can finally start school. I succeeded last year in getting funding so that I could get the prerequisites for my course taken care of. I got them done, and I got good enough grades to finally get into my program. I was so excited!

Then a week ago (the week before school started), I was informed that I would not be receiving my financial aid because I had been sick with whooping cough in the Winter Quarter and had to drop a class. Note, I did not fail the class, it was dropped.

I fought for it to be reinstated. Thursday I was informed I would be receiving it again. I foolishly thought that was it, I was done, I can finally just go to class! But little did I know they actually only gave me back half of my aid. Why? Because by the time they finally put mine through, the school didn’t have the funding to give me my full award. They are only allowed a certain amount every year to give students.

I looked into loans, and was denied because I don’t make enough money. And student loans will still take up to 30 days to process. I will be dropped by then.

I now have until  Monday to pay my school $900 or I can’t attend classes anymore. I have worked so hard, moved away from my family, and even lost friends because of the distance. If I can’t go to school, I am stuck across the country, away from family.

This is my last ditch effort. I hate asking for money, but I really really need it, and fast.

If you can find it in your heart to help me, I would not only be eternally grateful, but I would even draw you a special doodle and mail it to you.

I only have a paypal:

Thank you.